Letter to Highly Sensitive and Empathic Children and Adolescents

    Dear Highly Sensitive and Empathic Children and Adolescents of the Universe, this is for you!

    The energetic vibration of yourself, the planet and the universe is expanding. Intuition is asking us to tune it and trust it so we can energetically align ourselves in cell, spirit and circumstance. Nature is the everpresent wise elder who is reminding us to play in the wilds with rustic wonder so we can empower our own true nature.  Creativity is beckoning us to innovate our soul purpose so we can enrich and unite our existence.  Can you feel it? I bet you can. 

    The expansion of energetic vibration is founded on a ‘spiritual growth’ and ‘energetic alignment’ frequency that is opening us to new realms of awareness of ourselves, of each other and of the Universe. Imagine that! We’re changing for the good although it can feel sticky and weird. 

    Evolving isn’t easy! But it doesn’t have to be hard. We are all sentient souls. We all feel the vibration in our own ways. It can emerge both clarity and confusion, sometimes all at once leaving us in a tizzy-dizzy state of “Which way do I go? What do I do? I’m so oblivious to what’s going on right now, but I sure am feeling a lot!” 

    Sound familiar?

    For highly sensitive and empathic people such as yourself, this vibration feels intense. For you, would you say it feels intense some of the time, most of the time or all of the time? 

    No matter how often, when this vibration rocks our world, it can stop us in our tracks, making us want to hide under a rock, the biggest one we can find, while we’re simultaneously feeling compelled to peek out from under the rock, to be present with Oneness and to be of service with spiritual soul purpose to raising the vibration of EVERYTHING. 

    “I know what’s out there is intriguing and I am meant to enhance it, but how do I do that when it feels so uncomfortable, scary and confusing? And why me?” 

    Such irony, right?  Why have all these sensitivities if you don’t know how to use them? Oh, but you can learn. And you will. What’s fortunate about being a highly sensitive person and/or empath is you have an innate ability to dive right into what is best for the highest good of yourself and for the world. 

    But, that can make us feel kooky too. When we dive in, we can lose ourselves. We can feel sucked dry of all our energetic oomph and zest. Well, guess what? There are ways to preserve your internal energy as you dive into the external energy. It is an energetic sacred medley of a dance that takes time, practice and devotion. 

    The world needs you, your vibration and your gifts, especially NOW! 

    You can dance this dance by learning how to love up on the energetic alignment in cell, spirit and circumstance, tap into nature, and cultivate your creativity!

    No pressure, it’ll be better than you think once you’re in your groove with new moves! 

    So, Who ARE You?

    What does it mean to be highly sensitive and empathic? In what ways is what you’re about to read like looking in a mirror? Reflect with grace, dear one. Here we go. I’m with you. 

    A lot is stirring in the world. Conflicts, innovation and transformation. Norms are in flux. Unpredictability can feel like it’s the only thing that is predictable, and perhaps what has been familiar has dissolved and you are walking on unfamiliar territories in real time with new places or commitments to explore, in your head with new thoughts arising, and in your heart with new feelings arising. 

    There is a lot of vibration in all that energy! You are feeling the vibration more than anyone right now. Your innate receptivity is on high, and often you don’t know how or why you are feeling or reacting to the vibration. You just know when you feel unsteady and unsure. 

    You may feel agitated and not know why. You may cry. You may be happy. You may experience every emotion you can possibly and humanly feel within five seconds. 

    What a doozer!  You can handle it though. 

    The adults in your life may not know what to do, because their vibration is on a different frequency than yours and therefore they cannot recognize or relate to what you are experiencing. 

    They may look at you sideways, shrug, ignore, attempt to provide strategies out of the goodness of their heart (because they love you, yes they do!), but those strategies just don’t help because they really don’t know how you’re feeling and why because you don’t either. 

    Oh My Goodness, Now What? 

    Well, THAT is why we want to learn about highly sensitive and empathic children and adolescents - YOU! 

    We want to be able to see, know and accept you for who you are. We want you to be able to see, know and accept you for who you are!  We want to provide support and strategies that actually align with you so you can fully embody who you are. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we want to support you as you create and implement your own strategies so you can fully embody who you are. You want to feel good in your body, good in your mind and good in your life, right? Oh, to discover the strategies that resonate with and make an impact on you!

    With love, 
    The Universe

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