Reiki's Owl Hoot

    A letter to a friend:

    Yes, Reiki sure teaches us about humility and surrender, doesn't it?!??!!! I'm grateful for that. Right when I get my panties in a bunch about something, Reiki light flows into my hara and I hear the precepts whispering and I'm like, "Oh right, I can relax in this and trust the energy of things is unfolding and revealing itself in the way it's meant to." One mantra/affirmation I access often is "The Universe knows best." I often think of the Law of Polarity too. For each example of resistance, tension or conflict, there is also resilience, ease and compassion. Ah, balancing on the seesaw of our conscience and heart can be a funny thing, and Reiki polishes our awareness and brings us right home to ... Kathleen Prasaad refers to it as Anshin Ritsumei (true self, true nature, enlightenment, connection with all!)  Reiki honors all polarities, for if we didn't know darkness we wouldn't know light. When the darkness seeps in, Reiki reminds us about the light and shows it to us. 

    I FEEL YOUR LIGHT!  Woohoo, goddesses!


    I had read your email yesterday and decided to let it perch in my heart for a day before responding. I LOVE how open you are about your story, experiences and vulnerability, and your willingness to do so speaks volumes about your beautiful energetic vibration. I can relate to the risks and fears you speak of and they have been coming up lately for me too. I find Reiki meets them with grace, and I get to be a witness to the surrendering of old frequencies of energy that no longer serve me. If I were to personify Reiki in this way, I imagine it as the owl that has just perched on the tree of life, and it stares intently and compassionately into the face of the particular situation, fluffs up its feathers as a sign of realigning and settling, and as its wings rest on its back and the owl closes its eyes to rest, that is when inner solace, wisdom and pure presence soothes the soul. Suffering transforms into strength when we allow ourselves to perch, rest and settle and trust the energy to flow for our highest good and for the highest good of the Universe. This is what your email made me think about, and I am grateful for that. It's magical when the stirrings of turmoil emerge only for us to then embody more enlightenment, acceptance and love. Oh Reiki, today as the great owl --- what a 'hoot' it is to be the wisdom of life itself. 

    I am Reiki-hugging you with my owl feathers right now and always!

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