The Intuition & Rustic Wonder Romance

    Dear True Nature, 

    Have you ever felt confident about an idea, belief or decision? You feel ‘on top of the world.’ But when you step into the world your idea, belief or decision is challenged, disregarded or ostracized? You may feel you can’t be yourself, you can’t breathe or you can’t contribute to the Oneness. Can’t overrides can. Perhaps doubt sinks in, you change your mind and you go back into your Self and recognize that you feel less empowered, that self-trust has disintegrated and that your identity is rattled. What happened to being on top of the world, being in the world and being for the world? You can. You count. You are needed for your self AND for the world. Believe in your authentic self and be here by saying, “Now I am …”

    Your intuition is your Wisdom Well in your Third Eye Chakra where your innate gut instincts, Higher Self messages and intuitive knowings unite for you to access anytime. When your thinking brain and mind add logic to it all, the truth of a thought, word or action is born. Voila. Your Purpose Playground propels intentions and integration. How does that sound? Can you think of a time when an amazing idea, belief or decision popped open within you and you manifested it into action? Did you feel your self-empowerment and trust bursting at the seams, that feeling of “I can be anything I want to be! I can do anything I want to do!” cascading forth like a waterfall? “Watch out, world, here I am flowing forth my best stuff!”

    Ok. Where DOES an idea come from? Musician Lionel Ritchie said that he would awaken from sleep in the morning with new lyrics in his head and he’d scramble to write them down before they vanished. This happens on my bike rides.  The momentum of wheels in alignment with the momentum of wonder propels me. I create a story of acronyms with the ideas that pop up and I bust through the door when I arrive home and scramble to write them down. “Phew, I remembered … most of them.” 

    Ideas are inspirations that are sparked by our intuition, internal and external observations, interactions, spirit, DNA and … what else? When inspiration awakens your entire being, you flow in that resonance, and both your Self and your life feel aligned. This IS the magical Purpose Playground where everything feels possible and your potential craves attention. You know what feels good and what feels right. This is your truth. This is your authentic self. This is your intuition in a romantic relationship with your rustic wonder. Did you know that scientists say the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly due to its anatomy? It has a big body and little wings. So why CAN it fly?  Because no one ever told the bumblebee that it can’t fly. Thank you for your wisdom, Bumblebee. Flying is the bumblebee’s truth just as much as ANYTHING you want to be your truth IS your truth. Your blend of intuitive knowing and your desires led by wonder is the most romantic love affair in existence.

    What does all this make you wonder about? Part of the foundation of my coaching philosophy is wonder. But not just any kind of wonder. Rustic wonder. What comes to mind when you hear “rustic wonder”? Rustic ~ origin, roots, primal, natural, intuition. Wonder ~ curiosity, awareness, pondering, possibility. So perhaps rustic wonder means the intuitive roots of possibility. Ooooo, doesn’t that sound wonder-full? The bumblebee says yes. 

    Rustic wonder is when your true nature is curious about manifesting what you want in life. This could be what you physically want, what you mentally want, what you emotionally want, what you philosophically want, what you spiritually want and what you situationally want. When your mindset whirls with statements starting with “I wonder...” or questions starting with “What if ...”, your intuition is speaking. It is simultaneously seeking, knowing and welcoming possibility to breathe and thrive. Your dreams, desires, goals and beliefs expand and evolve. This is the romance between your intuition and rustic wonder! You are alive!

    Wonder has two vibrations. Practice both out loud. First, say “I wonder …” and “What if …?” with excitement and zesty anticipation. As if whatever you’re wondering about is going to grant you your ideal desire.  This is grace energy. Now say “I wonder …” and “What if …?” with fear, doubt and worry. As if whatever you’re wondering about is going to grant you ultimate disappointment and debilitation. This is grunt energy. Which wonder vibration do you think epitomizes rustic wonder? Does grace energy or grunt energy amplify the roots of possibility? Which one easily synchronizes with your intuition and stirs up a bodaciously delightful feeling of “Now I know”, “Now I can” and “Now I am”?

    Rustic wonder is the hub of energetic alignment. It is the tree that knows how to simultaneously extend its roots into soil and extend its branches to the sun. It is when your true nature is centered. It is when your intuition is most receptive. There is no room for worry. Your body feels good. Your mind is clear. You believe in what you want and it manifests without effort. It heals. It transforms. It inspires momentum in thoughts, words and actions. It propels possibility which propels potential and purpose — your optimal true nature. Your Source Self! What if you transform all of your worrisome, ruminating or self-debilitating thoughts into those grounded in rustic wonder? Try it. 

    “What if I start my own business? I wonder what it will be like to self-structure my days?” Do you feel it? Are you on your toes? Is your heart pitter-pattering? This is your intuition glowing while your rustic wonder is radiating. So romantic! You are launching into new realms of manifestation. You are living the life you believe in. You are living the life you want. 

    The intuition and rustic wonder romance incessantly whispers, “I wonder what’s around the next corner of my conscience, of my creativity, of my life’s momentum?” When stagnancy or worry shows up, this romance does a ceremonious dance to squelch any stuck points that are tempted to dwell in our minds, bodies and lives. Socrates said, “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” So, rustic wonder-full being, let’s wonder ourselves into wisdom. Follow the flares of your intuition. Follow Bumblebee! “Now I am …”

    With artsy ROMANTIC love,
    The Intuition & Rustic Wonder Romance


    What is rustic wonder to you?

    What is intuition to you?

    What is The Intuition and Rustic Wonder Romance to you?

    What does the romance between your Intuition and Rustic Wonder look like?

    What situations, goals or beliefs in your life could benefit from The Intuition and Rustic Wonder Romance?

    How can your Intuition and Rustic Wonder Romance stay in alignment when the world tosses you vines of ivy?

    How can you enhance the romance between your Intuition and Rustic Wonder?

    How can The Intuition and Rustic Wonder Romance help you stay home in your true nature?

    How can you more radically embody The Intuition and Rustic Wonder Romance?

    How can you align with bumblebee wisdom to trust the truth of your true nature?

    How can The Intuition and Rustic Wonder Romance help you stay loyal to your Self? 

    How can you ground like Earth? 

    How can you blossom like spring?

    How does transforming ‘should, have to, ought to, supposed to’ thoughts into ‘can, want and need’ thoughts align your true nature?

    How can you cultivate more grace energy?

    How can you transform grunt energy into grace energy?

    How can you amplify your innate resilience? 

    How can you avoid making assumptions?

    How can you avoid taking things personally?

    How can you notice resistance in your body, brain and beliefs?


    As a meditation, stand barefoot on Earth and practice saying out loud or silently , “I wonder” and “What if …?” with excitement and zesty anticipation. If out loud, perhaps the neighbors will hear! Fantastic! Stir up the whole neighborhood with this romance!  If silently, imagine this romance emanating from your body as light swirling throughout the universe, seeping into hearts, entities and landscapes everywhere. Oh, intuition. Oh, rustic wonder. Oh, the roots of possibility. A romantic sacred medley indeed! Dear wonder-full being, may you live wonder-fully!


    Mountain Pose (Tadasana) to embody The Intuition & Rustic Wonder Romance

    Face all directions

    Follow flow of breath

    South - Earth physical - one leg forward then back for balance for grounding in the romance

    West - Water emotional - arms lift from sides scooping up, floating with ease then elation for staying fluid in the romance

    East - Fire mental - fingertips on top of head extending up and then arms down, knees bending then straightening, repeat, erupt out like flames, over and over for purging mind gook, for radically heating up the romance

    North - Wind/Air spiritual - toes lift, hands in prayer position, thumb knuckles to Third Eye, for guidance, insights, absorb through skin, for spiritually connecting to the romance

    Below - Lineage, bow forward, for honoring the romance through eons of time and space

    Above - Stillness and aligned in true nature, connection to Oneness in past/present/future, for allowing the romance to breathe freely 



    “I Am”
    Awakening my
    Roots of possibility
    Rustic wonder holds
    Intuition’s pulse and play
    Bumblebee romance


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