The Soul of a Highly Sensitive & Empathic Person

    What is intuition, soul essence and soul purpose, and how do they function as a sacred medley for a highly sensitive and empathic person?

    When you're agitated, confused, angry, self-doubting, stuck, lost, or not feeling good in some way, it's your highly sensitive and empathic self wanting to energetically align. There is nothing to be "fixed" about you. YOU are an inspiration just as you are!


    The Intuition, Your Hub of Hunches

    Thoughts. Feelings. Knowings. How you are RECEIVING & PROCESSING information. What is intuition to you?

    You are a multidimensional being who is eternally aligning energy. How does that happen? I bet you have a hunch. 

    From which source can you receive wisdom other than from your brain or mind? How about from your Higher Self which hovers high above your head? Your brain encourages ‘thinking logically’ and your Higher Self encourages ‘receiving intuitively.’ Have you experienced the difference? Why would you want to access wisdom from your Higher Self? 

    Your Higher Self knows you and your life situations more deeply than your brain and mind.  It knows your past, present and future. Have you ever felt your center brow (Third Eye) fluttering an intuitive knowing or vision, or your gut (Solar Plexus) flashing an instinctive right/wrong or yes/no, and then your heart pitter-pattering a frequency of love and a sense of centeredness?  This is your Higher Self speaking to you, and you’ll receive the messages as a hunch. “I have a hunch that …” And you’ll find your hunch is most often right. 


    The Soul Essence, Your Quirks of Character

    Gifts. Talents. Personalities. Interests. How you are FEELING & BEING in the world. What is soul essence to you?

    You are a multidimensional being who is eternally aligning energy. How does that happen? Through the power of WANTING and WONDERING what you can create in thoughts, words and actions. Through both the random and intentional discovery of what interests tickle your head and heart. Perhaps a thought, vision or feeling comes out of nowhere and it feels like home. So right. So clear. So true. YOUR truth. You know what comes naturally to you, what you’re good at, what you like and what you want to get better at. Butterflies flutter in your belly, your eyes are wide and your personality bubbles at the brim of your uniqueness. And that’s all you know you need to feel and be. Is YOU! You don’t have to try. You don’t have to figure anything out. You just get to witness what ideas and feelings come to you, what fascinates you, and even what challenges you. You know those challenges are hands held out to help you cultivate your true you and what IS you and what IS NOT you. You realize your soul essence is a masterpiece because it’s you. Just like everyone is a masterpiece of their “you.” You know what feels good. You feel the “good” in your skin and in your conscience. And because you know what “good” feels like, you can discern what feels “bad.” You live in the full spectrum of the Law of Polarity, and this can feel like a blessing and curse, but it’s your best gift. 


    The Soul Purpose, Your Pouch of Projects

    Callings. Actions. Motivations. How you are GIVING & DOING in the world. What is soul purpose to you?

    You are a multidimensional being who is eternally aligning energy. How does that happen? Through the power of WILLING and WELCOMING your thoughts, words and actions projected into the world to inspire and impact. The urge to act on the callings, the knowings, the motivations is your innate drive striving and thriving, not just to survive, but because you know you being on Earth in the way you are is needed and valued RIGHT NOW! You offer your gifts, your talents, your personality and interests in ways that serve. You make, make, make whatever it is you want to make. You tap into the Law of Polarity and define your optimal truth in order to make your best choices for yourself and for the betterment of others. You believe and practice, believe and practice what is meaningful to you because it feels so good to feel good at what you do, at what you desire, at what you want to manifest as your masterpiece self and masterpiece projects. And all this so the world is a better place. You know your soul purpose counts as much as everybody’s. You know your part in the grid of existence is to not be bound by the grid of insolence -- the“have tos” and “shoulds,” but by the grid of integrity -- the “I cans” and “I ams” that project a contagious frequency of “every soul is free to be who they are.” Your essence and purpose is felt. It is appreciated and loved. Whatever you bring to this world is a gift from the gift of you. 


    And So …

    Have you heard these “terms”? At-risk youth, autistic, Asperger's, ADD, ADHD, gifted & talented, behaviorally challenged, slow to learn, socially awkward, impulsive, overly sensitive, unmotivated, intense, weird, different, special, anxious, depressed, unique … Often highly sensitive and empathic people are categorized under these terms. It doesn't mean something is wrong with you, that you are flawed and need to fixed.  It means you are shining magic.

    When I worked with “at-risk high schoolers” in school, I was mesmerized by their wisdom and innate knowing about things. Every day I was in their presence learning with (and what felt like mostly learning FROM them), I thought to myself, At-risk youth are Shamans. Uncharted intuition, soul essence and soul purpose waiting to emerge from the rawness of their multidimensional self. 

    A highly sensitive and empathic person thrives when they tune and trust their intuition, soul essence and soul purpose. Because they “feel” and “absorb” so much energy all of the time, when this sacred medley is given FREE space, time and opportunity to self-discover and self-direct, the overstimulation of energy is aligned. The soul can breathe and be its magic. The magic that comes from a highly sensitive and empathic soul is the door being held open for an elder, the painting that inspires the war veteran to take out his own paint brushes once again, the generous design of a nest of blankets for the neighbor’s sick cat, the delivery of handmade notes for the families who’ve lost loved ones, the presence of listening without interruption when a friend unleashes a great reveal, the “I want this ____ only because it will help the greater good,” the crafted poem that is shared for the sake of the trickle effect through the webbing of humanity. What magic have you seen from a highly sensitive and empathic person lately?


    Witness vs. Warden

    If you are, your children are or anyone you know is highly sensitive and empathic, give yourself or them the FREE space, time and opportunity to self-discover and self-direct their magic. You may feel the need to intervene, judge, analyze, fix and control your self or them. The most valuable intervention needed is “eyes gazing not interrogating.” This means letting the soul freely explore for exploration’s sake. When a masterpiece is in the making, you are a witness versus a warden. Oh, dear sacred medley of a sentient being, we see and feel you. Thank you for shining your magic.


    More on what the magic means coming soon!

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